F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

We want your experience with our website to be the best it can be which means easy to find the information you are looking for.
If you are not sure where to be on our website perhaps you can find your way by reading below.

The online store includes an information file with your checkout information.
On the file it will have the name of your association example: sport team, school etc
as well as a list of groups. example: team, teacher etc
This file can be viewed on your device or downloaded for reference.
Choose/enter your information accordingly to complete your checkout process.

Due to the nature of our business of creating customized items and the costs associated with processing individual replacement pieces we are unable to except returns or do exchanges unless the association has alternative policies in place.

Has your team or business representative set up an online store with us?

If yes then you will need a username and password to get access to your products.

If you have not set up an online store with us and wish to do so please contact Ray.
You can find our easy to use contact form and contact information on our contact page.

If so then sign in on our ordering page to browse products and make your selections.

Did you forget your login information or have not been given one please contact us.

We have a huge selection of promotional products. You will find our categories easy to navigate as well as our search feature which is great for inspiration. If you don’t have the time or know exactly what you want you can email us what you are looking for and we will be more than happy to help you put together a selection that meets your needs.

You have come to the right place, whether you are a team of 12 or an organization of 100’s we can set you up and offer you an assortment of detailing options. We even carry many accessories such as bags and hats. To learn more go to our teamwear or our promotional apparel page.

We can supply you with an assortment of clothing that will be sure to meet your demands. Whether you are a small company or a large one we have what you are looking for. Visit our workwear page.

Say it with a trophy, medallion or even something like an etched glass plaque for your employees desk. There are so many options and you can see what we offer by going to our awards page or get ideas from our product search.