Four colour process
Great for handling complicated logos and multi-colour team names and player numbers
Features “all in” pricing – names, logos etc can be applied to design at no additional cost

Digital Screening

Capable of producing detailed design and logos
Great turn around time for large orders
Cost effective


Classic decoration
Thread colours to match any logo
High impact wool stitch and 3D embroidery available


True vintage look
Tackle twill and felt available
Precut letters and designs available or create your own
The best choice for large size decorations


Create a unique 3D look
Apply to almost any location
Subtle tone on tone look
Great choice for waterproof garments

Heat Transfer

Allows for extreme detail
Perfect logos with many colours
Maintains integrity of waterproof fabrics
Large sizes available


Choose from rubber, vintage and wovens
Exceptional reproduction of detailed and complex logos or images
Match virtually any colour
Perfect for small accent decoration


Used only on synthetic garments
Design for decorations on bright coloured fabrics
Unique tone on tone
No puncture of the garment
Perfect for technical fabrics